About Me

Welcome to my kitchen!

I’m a thirty-something stay-at-home mother to two adorable, if questionably behaved, little boys aged 4 and 6.  Born and raised in Australia, I was part of a family who served bland meals and considered spaghetti bolognese to be exotic, but have had my culinary world widened now that I live in Seattle with my husband and children.  It was my husband who introduced me to the worlds of Indian and Thai cuisine as well as educating me in the ways of medium-rare steak.  I’m a self-taught cook and wannabe foodie who likes to experiment with new recipes and has a pathological fear of roasting a chicken.

I love trying out new recipes and historically a great deal of my site has been doing just that. After a while I got a bit burnt out and took an extended hiatus, but now I am starting to feel some creative juices flowing and over the past couple of months (late 2011) I have taken on an interest in couponing. So I thought I would add a new dimension to this site in addition to dipping my toe back into my passion for cooking.

As for where I get my recipes, the first place is from my addiction to buying cookbooks. I also read a lot of cooking blogs, cut things from magazines, my mother sends recipes from Australia, and I have even been known to find recipes on the back of grocery store receipts! I make no guarantee that they always work out, but I will always give my honest opinion on them. Regardless of where I find my inspiration I always try my best to attribute the source of my recipes, but unfortunately sometimes I’m using a recipe that I’ve saved a text file copy of in the past and no longer know where I got it or a recipe that I’ve edited so much over the years that it is barely recognizable as the original. If you ever find a recipe on my site that isn’t attributed and you know where it is from please feel free to let me know!

Ready to wade in with me? Then sit down at my table, grab a fork, and dig in!